Boru 4kW Stove

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The Boru 4 kW is the starter stove from Boru. It has a contemporary look that will suit most settings and styles. They say that beauty comes from within and that is the case with the Boru 4 kW freestanding stoves. With a large viewing area of the fire making a normal winters evening into a romantic winters evening. As with all with Boru Stoves the 4kW is available as wood only or as a multifuel stove and with its large glass it offers an unobstructed view of your fire.

Key Features 


4kW - Output and an efficiency rating of 81%. Combustion is achieved using a vermiculite lined firebox, easy to use controls all terminating in a 5" opening.


  • Large ash tray for easy removal and minimum mess
  • Cool touch handle 
  • 81% efficient
  • Wood burning and multi-fuel options available.

Air wash System 

For an unobstructed view of the fire.
Air wash is the preheating of air and the funneling of that air down the front of the glass. This ensures a clear view of the fire.