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LST Radiator Single Convector

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The Low Surface Temperature (LST) cover use the most efficient panel radiators and use revolutionary 3rd generation technologies. All Hi-Lo radiators hat up faster by using less water which in turn reduces the running costs. To be cost effective the emitters and covers of the LST’s are packaged separately.

This is done to avoid delays on site and so that delivery and installation of covers as easy as possible.

All Low Surface Temperature (LST) radiators are in full compliance with the NHS Guidelines of ‘Safe Hot Water and Surface Temperatures’ as well as the HSE Information sheet ‘Managing the risks from hot water and surfaces in health and social care. This is done by ensuring the temperatures on the surface of the radiators don’t exceed 43°C. The manufacturing for the LST collection is done in Britain with the emitters being manufactured in Europe’s within their most advanced radiator manufacturing facility.