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Warmflow K120HE Kabinpak Condensing Oil Boiler 26-33 Kw

Regular price £1,240.00

(This is Not a Combi) Ex Tax £1033.33 - See Code KC120HE for a Kabinpak Combi


Output: 26-33kw
Flue Options: Conventional flue, low-level, high-level and vertical balanced flue.
Conventional Flue size: n/a
ERP Rating: A
Height: 900mm
Depth: 700mm
Width: 413mm
Service Access: Front
Condensate trap: Factory fitted
Hot Water flow rate(L/min): n/a


The Warmflow K-SERIES Kabin Pak EXTERNAL Condensing Oil Boiler 26-33kW is perfect on occasions where internal space is limited, and so offers complete flexibility. Designed to be quick and simple to install, the Warmflow K-SERIES Kabin Pak EXTERNAL Condensing Conventional Oil Boiler 26-33K W is a self-contained unit supplied in a protective, pre-coated, fully-insulated casing to IP45 standards.

The Warmflow High Efficiency Condensing K-Pak Series has been specifically designed to be compact and discreet.

With models starting at only 900mm high and 413mm wide, the High Efficiency Condensing Kabin Pak Series is available in Standard, Pumped, System and Combi variants.

Features & Benefits

  • Available in outputs from 15 to 44kW
  • Stylish, IP45 rated, anthracite grey casing
  • Front servicing
  • Suitable for use with conventional flues or with the multi-optional HE ‘Easy-Fit’ Balanced Flue System
  • Riello RDB2.2 and 3.2 burners fitted as standard
  • Optional frost protection thermostat kit available

Good to know

The Warmflow K-Pak Standard Boilers (KHE) are supplied with a pre-wired factory-fitted burner and thermostat. Only one IE320 mains socket (supplied) needs to be wired on site. The multi-optional low-level flue can be positioned to exhaust from the back, left or right hand side of the casing.

 **This Price does Not include a Warmflow Frost Stat – Product Code FSK1**

Please See our Listings to Purchase a Frost Stat FSK1 along with your Boiler

***Very Important Notes on Delivery (England / Scotland / Wales)***

We Send all Oil Boilers to England Scotland and Wales On a Pallet from our warehouse in Northern Ireland.

Depending where you are based, this will be a 48-72 Hour Delivery by Lorry on a Boat over the Irish Sea.

We Can Now Offer a Booking Service!!!!. The Boiler and Pallet goes to a Depot Near you for Example, Dublin, Cork,  London, Manchester, Liverpool and when it gets there the Haulier will phone you to see when suits you for Delivery! So you only need to wait on a phone call not wait around your house. Mobile Number is preferable to supply us please.

If you can not be at home to receive your goods, or have someone else wait for you, perhaps this service is not for you, you would be better getting the Boiler at a Local Merchant with Immediate access to the goods as they are over 100kgs and you could not transport yourself in a car.

Also, Often Plumbers plan Heating Jobs before they receive the goods and then tell us that they need the Job finished by a certain date......

We Also advise not to start any jobs until you have the goods in your possession as we cant predict if the courier will be late but it will never be more than 1 day or at the weekend


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