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Chloe is an innovative new wall mounted hood that combines a mixture of retro styling, antique effect finishes and the latest in extraction technology. Chloe has a trapezoid shape and is available in 6 stylish finishes including Old Metal (Pewter), Cast Iron and Antique Copper. The specially designed finishes also provide long lasting protection with in-built scratch resistance and protections against chemical deposits and general wear and tear.


* Old Copper finish

* LED light strip to illuminate the hob below

* Matching chimney kit supplied

* Matching rear ducting kit available as an accessory


* LED Light

* Grease filters dishwasher safe

* Controls: Electronic LED

* Can be used on recirculating mode with the addition of charcoal filters

* Can be ducted from the rear, allowing the hood to be installed without a chimney. Rear ducting kit optional


* Width - 700mm

* Air Capacity (Speed 1) - 300 m3h

* Power Input (Speed 1) - 190 W

* Pressure (Speed 1) - 440

* Noise Level (Speed 1) - 51 dB

* Air Capacity (Speed 2) - 420 m3h

* Power Input (Speed 2) - 230 W

* Pressure (Speed 2) - 500

* Noise Level (Speed 2) - 59 dB

* Air Capacity (Speed 3) - 590 m3h

* Power Input (Speed 3) - 255 W

* Pressure (Speed 3) - 540

* Noise Level (Speed 3) - 66 dB

* Air Capacity (Intensive) - 700 m3h

* Power Input (Intensive) - 270 W

* Pressure (Intensive) - 550

* Noise Level (Intensive) - 69 dB

* Energy Class - A

* Air Outlet - 150mm

* To be used with a maximum hob width of 90cm

* Must be installed a minimum of 65cm above the hob


* Faber EVO motor - designed for optimal efficiency whilst reducing noise levels and power usage

* Perimeter Extraction technology reduces noise output and optimises extraction power

* The Intensive Motor Setting clears heavy cooking odours in 6 minutes

* Delayed switch off keeps the hood running for 30 minutes after cooking to clear the kitchen air

* 24 Hour function allows the hood to be switched on for 24 hours a day for continuous air renewal with an imperceptible noise level

* Filter saturation alarm

* LED lighting to illuminate the hob below using minimal energy

* ""Hood&Hob"" connection - the hood is linked to Faber hobs and can be controlled via the hob

* Remote Control operation optional Remote Control operation optional


* Filter Required for Recirculation: AP.AC.FAB.001

• Minimum and Maximum Height (mm): 320 - 320
• Maximum Chimney Length: 640
• Maximum Drop (mm): N/A

Product Code AP.CH.FAB.074
Colour Copper




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