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Euroshowers Audio Bluetooth speaker LED Bathroom Mirror with Demister Rectangular

Regular price £199.00

Item description:
Rectangular (Portrait) 50cmx70cm
Rectangular (Landscape) 80cm x 60cm
Bluetooth LED  Bathroom Mirror with Demister

The stylish touch sensor LED slim rectangular/round/trishaped mirror with demister and bluetooth technology, bring modern design and contemporary good looks to your bathroom. Features motion sensor lighting and a demister pad which keeps your bathroom mirror steam free and crystal clear.

Bluetooth Mirror allows you to wirelessly play music seamlessly into your bathroom.

Product Details

  • Slim Design
  • Modern technology
  • Shape - Rectangular
  • Backlit LED Lighting
  • Touch Sensors
  • Demisting Mirror
  • Bluetooth Compatible
  • Stereo Sound
  • Mains powered
  • Temperature display
  • Clock
  • Slim design
  • demister pad
  • 3 x Touch buttons (for lights, Bluetooth and demisting function)
  • Rated higher than IP44, TUV approved