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Danfoss Randall HP28B 28 mm 2 Port Valve & Body (Ex VAT £50)

Regular price £60.00

Danfoss Randall HP28B and HPA2 28mm

A complete valve and body package, 28mm Compression Fitting.

2-Port Paddle Valve (Spring Return to Closed)

H-series ‘paddle’ valves are available in 2-port and 3-port versions in a wide range of sizes for both copper and iron pipework. All valves offer 100% tight shut-off. Actuators for mid-position, diverter and 2-port on/off applications complete the range.

Valve bodies and actuators may be purchased separately or in convenient sets. For ease of installation and serviceability, assembly of the actuator to the valve body is made on site, using the screws provided. The spring return actuators have auxiliary switches colours. A lever enables the valves to be opened manually, useful when filling the system. Danfoss valve actuators are designed for direct in-service replacement of actuators on other makes of motorised valves.