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Boru The Croí Beag Inset Stove

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Output: 4.8kW Efficiency 83.2%
An Croi Beag is Irish for The Little Heart. This little heart is full of heart with its 4.8kW output. The tapered fireback ensures the upmost of ease when fitting and its C02 burn technology ensures a cleaner burn. As with all Boru Stoves The Croi Beag Insert Stoves come standard with an airwash system for cleaner glass and will suit a standard 16” or 18” opening.


4.8kW to the room. This insert stove heats using natural convection in which the stove take cold air from the room, heats it up and convects hot air through the top vents.
CO burn technology burns off any excess gas in the chamber. 


  • Large viewing area  
  • 83.2% Efficient
  • Cool touch handle  
  • Convection Chamber  
  •  4.8kW output
  • Suits 16" or 18" Opening
  • Wood burning and multi-fuel options available
  • Arch Inset adaptor available to create a flush background
  • 5 year extended warranty upon product registration

The Environment 

83.2% Efficiency rating (Based on wood)
When burned correctly wood is probably the most environmentally friendly way to heat your house. Wood is a renewable heat source that requires minimal processing.