Boru Carraig Mor 25kW Boiler with Hot Plate

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Output: 19kW to water 6kW to room room

Boru Stoves have done it yet again with The Carraig Mór 25 kW freestanding boiler stoves with hot plates. Style has never been so functional. Imagine being able to heat 15 radiators, have piping hot water and a delicious stew simmering on top of the stove. Well you don’t have to imagine any more. The Carraig Mór 25 kW with hotplates has all of these features as well as the usual Boru refinements including airwash and CO burn technology.


25kW output with 19kW dedicated to water and 6kW to the room. The boiler is a full wraparound with the baffle constructed as part of the water jacket ensuring maximum heat output to the room and water. The design ensures a rapid heat transfer with fins on the hotplate to ensure an even cooking temperature. Heats the room, the water and you can cook on it.


  • Large viewing area
  • Finned Hotplates for cooking
  • Large ash tray for easy removal and minimum mess
  • Thermostatically controlled as standard
  •  Separate Log Box available
  • Optional Leg Heights
  • Wood burning and multi-fuel options available
  • 6" Flue Pipe
  • 6 year extended warranty upon product registration

The Environment 

76% Efficiency rating (Based on wood)
When burned correctly wood is probably the most environmentally friendly way to heat your house. Wood is a renewable heat source that requires minimal processing. 

Top Tips

Boiler must be cross flowed (flow from one side return from the other)
Ensure a Heating Engineer sizes your heating system before purchase
Must be installed in an open vented system
Stove must not be run unless plumbed
Heats up to 14 single radiators or 55000 BTU's