Boru Carraig Mor 12kW Dry

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Output: 12kW
The Carraig Mór 12 kW freestanding stove model has a large output of 12 kW of heat making it punch way above its weight. Stoves don’t get much more interesting than this. As you would expect it comes standard with all the usual Boru refinements such as an Airwash for clear glass, Co burn technology for a cleaner burn and a multi fuel grate for wood and solid fuel. The Boru Carraig Mór 12 kW will heat a very large space.


12kW output dedicated to the room.  Boiler option also available for up to 7 radiators.
CO burn technology burns off any excess gas in the chamber.


  • Large viewing area
  • Compact size
  • Large ash tray for easy removal and minimum mess
  • Canopy Options available
  •  Separate Log Box available
  • Optional Leg Heights
  • Wood burning and multi-fuel options available
  • 5 year extended warranty upon product registration

The Environment 

76% Efficiency rating (Based on wood)
When burned correctly wood is probably the most environmentally friendly way to heat your house. Wood is a renewable heat source that requires minimal processing.