Boru 500i Inset Stove

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Output: 8.5kW Room Heater
The Boru 500i inset stoves have c02 burn technology so you can be confident that you are doing your bit for the environment. It's now available with a black Glass front and frame for those of you that want a shiny stove that is Made in Ireland. 


8.5kW output insert stove with natural convection to insure efficient delivery of heat where it's needed.  Physics has never been so interesting or hot. Combustion is achieved using a vermiculite lined firebox, easy to use controls all terminating in a 5" opening.


  • Large glass viewing area
  • Large ash tray for easy removal and minimum mess
  • Cool touch handle
  • Natural convection
  • Optional trims available
  • Glass door and trims available
  • Woodburning and multi-fuel options available
  • 6" Flue Pipe

The Environment 

81% Efficiency rating (Based on wood) 
When burned correctly wood is probably the most environmentally friendly way to heat your house. Wood is a renewable heat source that requires minimal processing.