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Add a sleek and stylish finishing touch to your bathroom with the Verve Thermoset Toilet Seat. Featuring smooth, functional swivel hinges this toilet seat is as versatile as it is stylish.
The Verve Thermoset Toilet Seat is designed to fit most toilet pans, and fixes securely to toilets with adjustable stainless steel bottom fix hinges. Given that this piece is made from an extremely durable high quality thermoset material with built-in UV protection, you can also rest assured that the Tavistock Verve Toilet Seat is extremely durable, hard wearing and impact resistant.
The Verve Thermoset Toilet Seat also comes with a lifetime guarantee against seat breakage.

Features of Verve Thermoset Toilet Seat:
• Designed to fit most toilet pans
• Adjustable stainless steel bottom fix hinges
• Extremely durable high quality thermoset material with built in UV protection
• Weight 1.7 Kg
• Hard wearing and impact resistant
• Lifetime guarantee against seat breakage